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Bad Things – Be The Bear (Music Video)

Official music video for "Bad Things" by Be The Bear. The video was recorded by the band on the 19th of May at Delsjön, Gothenburg. Starring: Melanie Wehage Mattiasson, Christina's neice. Special thanks to Unne, Stephanie, Melanie, Khoa Le and Loud Attic. Please support us by buying Bad Things on iTunes – it means so much! ♥

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Be The Bear Interview – Veckans Gig

Veckans Gig did a video interview with Be The Bear before their gig at Parken, Gothenburg.

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Heart On A Line – Be The Bear (Charity Ung Cancer)

In October 2011 the band donated their song “Heart On A Line” to the Swedish charity organisation “Ung Cancer” (Young Cancer). The song was included on the “Det Är Okej Att Känna” (It’s OK To Feel) CD released on iTunes the 3rd of October 2011. The song was also featured in the short film “Det Är Okej Att Känna Hopp” (It’s OK To Feel Hope”), one out of five films in the campaign. "Ung Cancer är en viktigt organisation som fyller ett tidigare stort hål genom sin existens. Att drabbas av beskedet cancer är i sig tillrä…

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Barfotavisan – Be The Bear (Blomsterlandet Commercial)

Be The Bear's cover version of the Swedish Folksong "Barfotavisan" by Mats Paulson is currently being aired on Swedish national television in a commercial for the florist chain Blomsterlandet, running for the second summer in a row. The full song includes some lovely harmonies, listen to it below and buy it on iTunes! <3

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Heart On A Line – Be The Bear (SAAB Commercial)

Six months before its inclusion on this single, the band recorded an earlier version of the track ‘Heart On A Line’ which was chosen as the soundtrack to the SAAB 9-4X commercial, and in just a few days was seen by thousands of listeners on YouTube.

feature, video
Heart On A Line – Be The Bear (Acoustic)

Acoustic session of "Heart On A Line" by Be The Bear. Recorded November 20th 2010. Heart On A Line was the bands first release, the final version is a bit more built up, listen to it below and buy it on iTunes! <3

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