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New Single: Coffee Kids

New single Coffee Kids is now on iTunes and Spotify!

Please support us by buying the track on iTunes – it means so much! ♥

Australian acid stag ♥: “Danish/English siren Christina Wehage births experimental pop with the aid of Swedish producer Mattias Bolin under the name of Be The Bear. Ever wondered what it would sound like if School of Seven Bells made love to Björk whilst on speed? New single ‘Coffee Kids’ is just that.”

thepeelmusic.com ♥: “Here’s a good way to start your weekend off right. Be The Bear is an electro-pop duo based in Sweden. They first caught our attention with their single ‘Bad Things’. Their new track, playfully titled, ‘Coffee Kids,’ is an extremely catchy track that sounds like School of Seven Bells on speed. If you haven’t had your morning coffee yet, this will do the trick.”

flyingwithanna.com ♥: “Swedish duo Be The Bear encompass everything that is so good about Swedish music. The smooth pop-electro beats, the soaring female vocal, and the infectious melodies. Be The Bear do sound a little like Niki & the Dove, Bjork or a Swedish version of Purity Ring. But comparisons aside, I do think they hold there own, and with songs like ‘Coffee Kids’ it’s easy to see why I say that. The song which is their latest single begins with woozy vocal over piano chords but soon explodes into glittery dance beats.”

German Nordic by Nature ♥: “One thing is for sure: Swedes love their coffee. Maybe that’s one reason why the new song by Be The Bear from Gothenburg is called ‘Coffee Kids’. Anyway, the new single is a very danceable little pop anthem and you should think twice if you sip on your next hot beverage while listening to it. We warned you!”

British The Sound Of Confusion ♥: “Following on from the super alt-pop of last single ‘Bad Things’ are Swedish/Danish/English duo (work that one out) Be The Bear who are somehow hiding under the radar of much of the UK’s music press, when really they’re producing the exact sort of music we should be doing our damnedest to promote and bring decent pop back to the forefront of our insipid commercial music scene. Surely it’s only a matter of time until NME Magazine, BBC Radio 1 and all the other outlets currently playing it remarkably safe take a leap of faith and embrace what this pair are doing. If ‘Bad Things’ was a great track that may have been just a touch too downbeat and maybe lacking maximum commercial potential then they should try this new single on for size.

On ‘Coffee Kids’ they don’t just up the pace a little, the whole song is a step up in many ways; more contagious, more radio-friendly, more universal in appeal and in possession of some serious crossover appeal. It’s not selling-out by any stretch of the imagination, it’s just a very very good electro-pop tune that retains enough grit to keep its soul intact. So come on UK, there’s much more to the pop scene than big US female stars and arrogant rap dinosaurs, Be The Bear are proving that with a glint in their eyes and a fire in their belly, plus they have the tunes to get the public on board. It’s time to give yourselves a slap in the face and venture beyond the usual suspects.”


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