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Volvo - Erupt
Preview: Erupt

Erupt, the first single off our debut album is being featured in Volvo's latest Vintersaga commercial. Have a listen above for now and follow us and we will let you know as soon as the full version of the song is released (within a couple of weeks)!

Be The Bear Live at Debaser 2014
Be The Bear Live at Debaser

Be The Bear öppnar för Kyla La Grange på Debaser 20/11. Kyla la Grange får sällskap av Art Pop-projektet Be The Bear från Göteborg. Be The Bear känns igen från hyllningar i bl a …

Preview: Mermaid

Mermaid, one of the songs off our debut album is being featured in Volvo's latest commercial.

New Single: Bump

New single Bump now on iTunes! Please support us by buying the track on iTunes – it means so much! ♥ Be The Bear is the baby of Danish/English artist Christina Wehage in collaboration with Swedish music producer Mattias Bolin. The …

Norra Skåne interview Be The Bear

De hoppas på reklamens makt Av Pernilla Ekdahl 26 NOVEMBER 2010 19.25 MARKNADSFÖRING. Det hela har gått väldigt fort. För ungefär tre veckor sedan fick en producent som delar studio i Göteborg med Be the Bear, som …

Video: Heart On A Line (Acoustic Session)

Acoustic session of "Heart On A Line" by Be The Bear. Recorded November 20th 2010. Heart On A Line was the bands first release, the final version is a bit more built up, listen to it below and buy it on …

My New Glow Artwork HD
SAAB feature Heart On A Line!

Buy it on iTunes! Be The Bear released their first unsigned recording entitled ‘My New Glow’ on April 1, 2011 – Christina’s 26th birthday. The single features the song “My New Glow” and a re-recorded, partially re-written version of “Heart On A …

feature, Release
Barfotavisan – Be The Bear

Buy it on iTunes! Be The Bear did a cover version of the Swedish Folksong “Barfotavisan” by Mats Paulson which is currently being aired on Swedish national television in a commercial for the florist chain Blomsterlandet, running for the second …

feature, Release
Swede + Sour about My New Glow:

Be the Bear is a brand new band based of out of good ol’ GBG (Gothenburg), Sweden made up Danish/English vocalist Christina Wehage and multi-instrumentalist Mattias Bolin from Sweden where they met after Mattias discovered some demos of Christina …

Dr Indie interviews Be The Bear!

Blaskan vill uppmärksamma bandet Be the Bear som består av en duo från Göteborg, Mattias Bolin och danskbrittiska Christina Wehage på skönsång. Deras musik är en mix av vispop, elektronisk indiepop och en mera …

“Heart On A Line” donated to charity!

An amazing film about Johanna, a brave and inspiring young woman and mother determined to beat cancer no matter what the doctors say. A heart-warming film about hope. Be The Bear are proud to donate their song "Heart On A …

feature, Release
“Det är okej att känna” Charity CD now up on iTunes!

The song is now available on Ung Cancer Charity CD "Det är okej att känna" (It's OK To Feel) on iTunes. Be The Bear donated their song "Heart On A Line" to the charity organisation "Ung Cancer" and the …

feature, Release
Be The Bear - Fireships - Artwork Digital Release
InMyKitchen about Fireships:

Nobody can accuse Be the Bear of being one-trick ponies Be the Bear – Fireships Nobody can accuse Be the Bear of being one-trick ponies, eack of the 5 tracks here being as diverse as the next. Opener ‘Had to get out …

Fireships Artwork Physical Release Website Post
Kulturbloggen about Fireships:

Veckans musiktips är en svensk (i alla fall halvsvensk) akt som heter Be the Bear. Bandet är aktuellt med sin första EP som heter Fireships. I veckan recenserade vi på Kulturbloggen det nya, kritikerrosade albumet av svenska First Aid …

Swede + Sour review Fireships:

While seemingly run-of-the-mill “singer/songwriter” songs, “Had to Get out of Bed” is filled with curious little Oriental-tinged guitar riffs and “Howl” like much of the album prides itself with its vocally-demanding and heavily-layered arrangements. Unsigned Gothenburg duo Be the …

Swedish Popbrus:

"Very promising debute that definitely must be heard"! about Fireships EP Idag tipsas det lokalt på Popbrus. Det handlar nämligen om Göteborgsduon Be The Bear's debutskiva Fireships. Utöver ett slående vackert omslag har skivans spår …

Swedish InMyKitchen:

InMyKitchen reviewed Be The Bears gig at Parken, Gothenburg last week. Read it here! "Be the Bear, a vehicle for Christina Wehage’s mightily impressive vocal abilities, married with Mattias Bolin’s stripped down, thoughtful accompaniment. It was an enjoyable …

NuMusic from Equador:

NuMusic, a music blog in Cuensa, Equador reaching hundreds of listeners dayly posted about Be The Bear and the new single "Bad Things", alongside new tracks by Florence and the Machine, Sigur Ros and Marina and the Diamonds. The blog …

Brazilian Play My Tape:

Brazilian music blog Play My Tape wrote a praising piece about Be The Bear: "Ohhh the Swedish pieces. So much love, right? Today I’m extremely proud to bring you these amazing guys. Be The Bear is a Swedish-based experimental …

French Actualités Electronique:

Established French music blog Actualités Electronique praise Be The Bears new single Bad Things, likening Christinas voice to that of Björk or Karin Dreijer Andersson of The Knife. "Excellent track with distorded notes and a lovely voice that …

Italian MuroMag:

Be The Bear || New Face ENGLISH TRANSLATION "Days of May and the sun, public parks, but also good music, clearly do not want to bore you further with these spring flights of fancy, but you need to hear something new. …

Canadian Song Of The Day:

Canadian Song Of The Day write about Bad Things, giving it four stars and comparing the sound to that of Niki & The Dove and Roisin Murphy. Introducing: Be The Bear! You must know by now that we love our new …

Airplay: American Little City Radio

American Little City Radio played Bad Things today with a brief presentation saying: "Be The Bear of Sweden has some super catchy electropop sounds to light up our ears"

Airplay: Polish Radio Roxy

National Radio Airplay in Poland! Gabi Drzewiecka of Radio Roxy played Bad Things for millions to hear, giving a lovely presentation of the band and their music. Yay!

Bad Things – Be The Bear (Music Video)

The single "Bad Things" was recorded in spring 2012 by Be The Bear and mixed by Unne Liljeblad at Loud Attic. The video was recorded 19th of May at Delsjön, Göteborg. Starring: Melanie Wehage Mattiasson. Thank's to Unne, Stephanie, …

Release, Video
Canadian No Genres, Just Good Music:

NEW I don't know if it's the Scandinavian water or their great socialist governments, but musical talent seems to be popping out of every crevice up there. The duo Be The Bear is no exception. Danish/English vocalist Christina Wehage …

French MoiMateo & Zik:

French MoiMateo & Zik praise Be The Bear and post Bad Things. Discovery: Be The Bear - Bad Things - an experimental sound with a perfect intoxicating pop flavour! Découverte : Be The Bear - Bad Things - une musique expé…

Mexican 2abejas:

Mexican Music Blog 2abejas posted Bad Things ESCUCHA | 'Bad Things' de Be The Bear | Electropop desde Suecia

Russian O-People:

Russian O-People wrote about Be The Bear and Bad Things Бодрое утро! - Слушаем классную песню "Bad Thigs" электропоп-дуэта из Швеции Be The Bear. Cheerful morning! - Listen to a song called "Bad Thigs" electropop duo from Sweden Be The Bear.

Argentine L&M:

Argentine L&M post about Bad Things! The blog has over 1500 subscribers. "Los suecos Be The Bear hacen linda músic."

Venezuelan Pop:

Venezuelan Pop wrote about Be The Bear. Check it out! The music of Be The Bear New supercatchy electropop http://www.bethebear.se/ Be The Bear is the baby of Danish/English vocalist Christina Wehage and Swedish music producer Mattias …

Swede + Sour:

Gothenburg duo Be The Bear returns with a more confident pop sound with their "bleeping and booming" electropop single "Bad Things" That’s some pretty neat cover art isn’t it? Anyway Gothenburg indie-pop duo Be the Bear, recently dropped …

Australian Acid Stag:

Your new favourite band is experimental pop duo Be The Bear. "Internet/radio domination is imminent for Be The Bear. Watch this duo as they take-off" Australian Acid Stag have featured Bad Things "as the crowning jewel" of their latest …

Bad Things Artwork
Bad Things available on iTunes!

Bad Things - Single (Digital Release) Buy now on: iTunes Tracks: 1. Bad Things

Montreal-based Hot Shit.tv:

Montreal-based Hot Shit.tv wrote an article about Be The Bear: BE THE BEAR - BAD THINGS Be the Bear is vocalist Christina Wehage and producer Mattias Bolin, an indie pop duo (and that’s an understatement since they cover …

Myspace Germany:

Be The Bear get biggest feature on the front page of Myspace Germany! Thank you so much Myspace Germany for your support!

Polish Magazine Music Is praise Be The Bear:

Polish Music Is wrote a wonderful article about Be The Bear. We are currently having the article translated, as the translation by Google is less than sufficient, even though it is possible to make out most of it. Scandinavia once …

Born Music Online UK:

Born Music Online wrote an amazing article about Be The Bear. "If the pop music industry in the UK has any respect for itself, Be The Bear will be hailed like Gotye or Fun. Niki and the Dove might be …

In The Riff:

In The Riff wrote an article about Be The Bear. If you liked Niki and The Dove, then you will love Be The Bear. A duo also from Sweden, land of great voices, a few weeks ago introduced a new …

Bad Things Artwork
Bad Things now on Spotify!

Bad Things is now available on Spotify! Click here.

Myspace Portugal:

Be The Bear were featured on the front page of Myspace Portugal as well today! What a nice surprise in our inbox - thank you Myspace Portugal!

Syffal put Bad Things on Track Marks

Syffal wrote about Be The Bear: Bad Things - Be The Bear: If every music submission that was sent to SYFFAL was as good as this fucking jam I would have very little to do every two weeks. Track Marks …

Airplay: Social Network Radio

Social Network Radio are playing Bad Things on the Indie channel, second day in a row now!

Airplay: Mexican Pryme Radio

Mexican Pryme Radio - "the best electronic music" - is playing Bad Things!

Wonky Sensitive:

Wonky Sensitive added Bad Things to the latest mixtape. Go download the mixtape here!

La Musique:

Music distributor La Musique made sure Bad Things is now being played at events, in shops (like Lacoste), hotels and restaurants. Thank you so much!

Play My Tape:

Play My Tape: "I feel like there’s no words to describe some songs. I feel like serenity and sincerity can join our souls through music" Play My Tape wrote about Howl and rated it 5/5: I feel like there’s …

Airplay: Polish Radio Roxy

National Radio Roxy in Poland are playing My New Glow and Heart On A Line, and giving away signed singles. Polish National radio station Radio Roxy are playing My New Glow and Heart On A Line, and giving away signed …

Spanish Indietheka:

Indietheka wrote an article about Be The Bear. Let yourself be captivated by the sound of Be The Bear Desde Suecia, los invitamos a conocer a un dúo de nombre Be The Bear, que se ha estado encargando de …

Barfotavisan back on Swedish National television!

Last summer Be The Bear did an indie version of Swedish folk song Barfotavisan which was played in a commercial for Blomsterlandet. It is now back on telly again - and the full version is getting a lot of hits …

Canadian Indie Current:

Canadian Indie Current wrote an article about Be The Bear. "While Stockholm usually seems to be the place for electronic-pop in Sweden, Gothenburg also appears to be pulling-in their weight as far as radial pop projects. Home to two-piece house …

After Hours In Tokyo:

After Hours In Tokyo review Fireships Desde la bella Gotenburgo, nos llega un hermoso EP de indie pop: Fireships, disco debut del dúo Be The Bear, formado por Christina Wehage y Mattias Bolin. El EP, que está compuesto por …

Dutch daMusic:

daMusic wrote an article praising Be The Bear. Mattias Bolin is een Zweedse elektronicacomponist die de Deens/Engelse Christina Wehage onder zijn vleugels nam om op Björkiaanse wijze zijn frivole stukjes droompop aan te dikken. Samen doopten ze hun …

London-based Alfitude:

London-based Alfitude wrote about Be The Bear. "So this Swedish electropop duo have already topped the iTunes chart over in native Sweden, and when you give ‘Bad Things’ a listen you’ll understand why. Cute, clever and edgy sound that …

Norwegian Ny Musikk Hver Dag:

Norwegian NY MUSIKK HVER DAG wrote about Be The Bear. Be The Bear gir deg herlig electropop med låten Bad Things Svensk electropop er en sjanger jeg liker mer og mer. Nå kan du tilføye Be The Bear …

Airplay: Polish Open FM

Polish Radio OpenFM are playing Bad Things on the Alternative Channel, alongside Florence and the Machine, Beach House and other great acts. Thank you to Polish music website Screenagers.pl for recommending it!

Coffee Kids - Artwork News
New Single: Coffee Kids

New single Coffee Kids is now on iTunes and Spotify! Please support us by buying the track on iTunes - it means so much! ♥ Australian acid stag ♥: "Danish/English siren Christina Wehage births experimental pop with the aid of Swedish …

Djungeltrumman interview Be The Bear!

Djungeltrumman interview Be The Bear: “You do everything you do not dare to, and reinvent yourself every day” Hej Be the Bear! På Parken ikväll utlovas riktig indie. Beviset på att Real Indie håller vad de lovar, är …

Video interview before gig at Parken

Veckans Gig did a video interview with Be The Bear before their gig at Parken, Gothenburg Be the Bear from Valentin Halldin on Vimeo. Click here to see the interview on Vimeo!

Interview, Video
P3 Musikguiden: Be The Bear

Bad Things gets airplay on Swedens most acclaimed radio show! "Vi startar Musikguiden i P3 med Iman Hazheer med en halvtimme full av nya låtar. Allt från premiärer av stora singlar till det bästa vi på …

Festival Gig: Fängelset, Kåken Larmar

Be The Bear booked at Kåken Larmar, Swedish Summer Festival: "Hyped Be The Bear to Kåken Larmar! Things are going well for Be The Bear. Their experimental pop music is celebrated in the press. Now they are releasing …

Bad Things tops iTunes!

We are amazed at the amount of people purchasing Bad Things on iTunes, we have no idea who all of you are, but thank you thank you thank you! We are now at the top of the charts on Swedish …

My New Glow in the finals!

Be The Bear finalist in Metro On Stage 2011! We were chosen by the jury to be a finalist in Metro On Stage Sweden 2011! The winner gets 3,5 million in promotional help. Please vote for us and help us win this lovely …

Be The Bear Live at Pustervik:

"Be The Bear has for the past few weeks been riding on a wave of praise from the media throughout the world"

London’s 1883 Magazine Interview Be The Bear:

"Scandinavian indiepop duo Be The Bear have recently released their debut EP Fireships into the global arena, creating a musical landscape full of indiefolk, dance and electropop. Topping the Swedish iTunes charts with single Bad Things and enjoying airplay in the US, Singapore and Japan, the pair are helping Scandinavian pop gain worldwide status.

God Is In The TV Zine:

“A multcoloured melody that eschews early Bjork and Niki and the Dove."