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Be The Bear is the Art Pop baby of Danish/English artist & producer Christina Wehage. Be The Bear’s single “Bad Things” topped the iTunes charts in Sweden. Since then her music has been celebrated internationally, with the brooding “Coffee Kids” and the sugar-sweet “Bump” being the most recent singles. Be The Bear’s debut is to be released in 2015.

“Scandinavia once again proves to be a musical paradise … The voice of the singer seems to swim in places recalling the best achievements of Björk, or the charismatic voice of Florence Welch.”
- Music Is, Poland

“Danish/English siren Christina Wehage births experimental pop under the name of Be The Bear. Ever wondered what it would sound like if School of Seven Bells made love to Björk whilst on speed? New single ‘Coffee Kids’ is just that.”
- acid stag, Australia

“If the pop music industry in the UK has any respect for itself, Be The Bear will be hailed like Gotye or Fun. Niki and the Dove might be the latest cover story for Scandinavian pop, but that may soon shift to highlight Be The Bear and rightfully so” 5/5 – Samuel Litherland, Born Music UK

“a multcoloured melody that eschews early Bjork and Niki and the Dove. Surging forth on a joyous ride of electro pop that shoos and coos bad karma away from your body”
- God Is In The TV Zine, UK

“Be The Bear’s tasty brand of electro pop had me hooked on my very first listen. Her voice slays me”
- Syffal, USA

“Scandinavian indiepop act Be The Bear have recently released their debut EP Fireships into the global arena, creating a musical landscape full of indiefolk, dance and electropop. Topping the Swedish iTunes charts with single Bad Things and enjoying airplay in the US, Singapore, Germany and Japan, the pair are helping Scandinavian pop gain worldwide status”
- 1883 Magazine, London



Be The Bear released their first unsigned recording entitled “My New Glow” on April 1, 2011 – Christina’s 26th birthday. The single features the song “My New Glow” and a re-recorded, partially re-written version of “Heart On A Line”.

Six months before its inclusion on this single, the band recorded an earlier version of the track “Heart On A Line” which was chosen as the soundtrack to the SAAB 9-4X commercial, and in just a few days was seen by hundreds of thousands of listeners on YouTube.

All of Be The Bears music is recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Be The Bear at their studio Loud Attic in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Their cover version of the Swedish Folksong “Barfotavisan” by Mats Paulson is currently being aired on Swedish national television in a commercial for the florist chain Blomsterlandet, running for the third summer in a row. The band had not anticipated how popular their version of the folksong would be, as it is very different from their own songs.

In October 2011 the band donated their song “Heart On A Line” to the Swedish charity organisation “Ung Cancer” (Young Cancer). The song was featured in their short film “Det Är Okej Att Känna Hopp” (It’s OK To Feel Hope”), one out of five films in the campaign. The song was also included on the “Det Är Okej Att Känna” (It’s OK To Feel) CD released on iTunes.

Be The Bear released their debut EP “Fireships” in the winter of 2011. At this point the band was just a duo with Christina Wehage and Mattias Bolin and the music had a lot of acoustic influences. The “Fireships” EP got some great reviews from all over the world. All of the band’s artwork is created by celebrated Vietnamese artist Khoa Le, who has had her own solo exhibition for over a year at the Daydreamer Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City. Her visuals for the band are based on concepts drawn from Christina’s lyrics. Below is the physical cover art for “Fireships”, front and back aligned.

In 2012 Be The Bear released the electropop-single single “Bad Things” which instantly topped the iTunes charts in Sweden. Be The Bear became an internet sensation over night and received a lot of amazing reviews from all over the world.

Shortly after that they released the much heavier and broodier single “Coffee Kids”, especially popular in the clubs and on the EDM-scene. At this point they were getting more and more into the electronic sound.

In 2013 Be The Bear were asked to write a song for Volvo. Christina sat down in the studio with mixer and producer Unne Liljebad and together they wrote “Sparks”, a cute and upbeat love song with a slightly different feel from Be The Bears other work. The single was immensely popular and led to several other licensing opportunities for the band.

Shortly after that Be The Bear released the single “Bump”, which reached new heights for the band, topping iTunes in Sweden and getting amazing reviews from all over the world. The single has been played on the radio in Japan, Singapore, the US, the UK, Germany, France and Scandinavia.

In 2015 Be The Bear will release their debut. As a sneak peak of what is to come, the band released a short part of the song “Mermaid” in a commercial for the Volvo Concept Estate campaign “Made in Sweden”. The feature has triggered a huge wave of interest for the band, with hundreds of thousands of listeners on Youtube.

To listen to all of Be The Bears music and read some of their reviews, head over to the music page.

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